Fight Rising Electricity Costs With LED Bulbs!

Remember when Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s) came along? The electricity savings were obvious, but there were some drawbacks. Fragile CFL’s don’t like cold or hot weather, and turning them on and off reduces their lifespan dramatically. 

LED’s are the newest, most efficient bulb available today.  Giant strides in technology have not only made LED’s competitive, but they outperform both CFL’s and incandescents.

An LED that puts out the equivalent of a regular 60 Watt bulb uses only 8 Watts to produce the same light. A regular bulb has a life of around 1200 hours where an LED bulb can go 50,000 hours. A CFL is only good for 8000 hours, and that is under ideal conditions.

An LED lights up instantly, even below zero, and constantly switching it on and off doesn’t affect its lifespan.

An LED doesn’t contain any mercury, and isn’t prone to breakage like CFL’s and Incandescents are.

While the initial cost is higher, replacing all of your incandescent with LED’s will provide enough savings to pay for the bulbs by saving electricity.

For residential and commercial applications, LED’s are fantastic, particularly in hard to reach fixtures.

Our LED’s come in two types of light, cool white on the left and warm light on the right, allowing you to use the best application for your needs.



 For an excellent chart showing the advantages of LED’s over CFL’s and Incandescent, click HERE

We have been working with LED’s for over 20 years and have provided custom products with LED lighting to Disney, Six Flags, Television, Fortune 500’s and hundreds of businesses and customers the world over. We have recently partnered with an LED producer that offers extremely high quality, yet very affordable LED bulbs with a staggering 3 year warranty!

Retrofitting your house with LED’s will be the smartest, most environmentally friendly, energy-saving thing you can do. You can keep on paying your soon to be higher electric bill, or retrofit to LED’s and enjoy savings for years to come.

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Dennis Evers