New High Power LED Light for Disasters, Emergencies and Prepping

SPC’s new battery powered, High Output Light (HOL) puts out a brilliant, evenly distributed, crisp white light, and can be safely used indoors for whole house or business lighting during an emergency or outdoors for security, camping, hunting, maintenance, search and rescue, incident command, work or play.

 The rugged aluminum and steel HOL features a removable magnetic floodlight head on a 6’ cord, built in battery, and options like a micro spot for reading or close quarters work., 5 volt USB port for charging electronics and a cigarette lighter socket to power a 120 volt AC inverter.

 Measuring only 4.5” wide X 9.5” long  X 8.5” tall, and weighing just 10 pounds, the compact light features super efficient, long life LED’s, run times up to eight hours and comes standard with a wall and vehicle charger. Other options include a solar charger, remote battery pack and extension cord to run off a vehicle battery.

 SPC has provided custom specialty lighting and safety devices to the military, government, businesses, first responders and preppers for over twenty-five years.




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